Residential: Forced Heating Systems

Home Time Air designs, installs and repairs forced air heating systems for our residential customers.  We highly recommend Rheem systems based on great pricing and high reliability. Our clients and repeat customers can attest to the great job, reliability of our systems and the fact that we exceed their expectations, time and time again.

What’s the difference between forced air and central air systems?

A forced-hot air system is a heating system that uses air ducts and vents to distribute warm air throughout the home. Central air generally refers to a cool air conditioning system moves  conditioned air throughout the house.

Forced Air Heating Pros

  • There is a lower installation cost in homes with ducts already installed.
  • High-efficiency furnaces and heat pumps are available.
  • Forced air heating systems are generally reliable.
  • The operation is simple. Just turn the thermostat on, and let it work.
  • Some dust and allergens can be filtered out of the air using a high-quality filter.