Residential: Ductless Split Central Air Conditioning Systems

Home Time Air provides high quality ductless split air conditioning system options to our homeowners.  

We Help Our Clients With:

  • New Construction:  Design, build, plan and/or spec your air conditioning layouts.
  • Existing Homes: Equipment redesigns/relocations, adjustments and air conditioning equipment replacement.
  • Diagnostics & Repair: Experienced mechanics to troubleshoot problems that arise with your existing air conditioning systems.

Ductless Split Central Air Conditioning Systems Offer:

  • Multiple cooling zones: By configuring mini-split units, you can cool rooms only in use, or can customize the temperature per room based on personal comfort
  • More energy efficient: Due to the system design the units use less energy than a central system.
  • Quieter: New technology makes ductless ACs whisper quiet.
  • Fast, flexible installation options: Provides more installation options than a traditional system.